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25895-60-7 White API Raw Material Sodium Cyanoborohydride CH3BNNa 99% Purity

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: First
Certification: COA
Model Number: 25895-60-7
Minimum Order Quantity: 1KG
Price: 50-100USD
Packaging Details: 1kg/bag ;25kg/drum,25 kg/Carton
Delivery Time: 5 to 10 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,BTC
Supply Ability: 1000 Tons
Detail Information
Product Name: Sodium Cyanoborohydride Cas No.: 25895-60-7
Einecs No.: 247-317-2 Mf: CH3BNNa
Purity: 99.0%min Appearance: White Powder
Melting Point: >242 °C (dec.) (lit.) Density: 1.083 G/mL At 25 °C
Sample: Availiable Other Names: (cyano-C)trihydro-,sodium,(T-4)-Borate(1-);sodium,(beta-4)-borate(1-(cyano-c)trihydro-
High Light:

99% API Raw Material


White Cyanoborohydride


Cyanoborohydride 25895-60-7

Product Description

Sodium cyanoborohydride Basic information


Synonyms: (cyano-C)trihydro-,sodium,(T-4)-Borate(1-);sodium,(beta-4)-borate(1-(cyano-c)trihydro-;Sodium cyanoborohydride, 1M solution in THF, AcroSeal;SodiuM cyanohydridoborate;Sodium cyanoborohydride, 1M solution in THF, AcroSeal§3;Sodium cyanoborohydride,Sodium cyanotrihydridoborate;SodiuM cyanoborohydride, 95% 10GR;SodiuM (T-4)-(Cyano-C)trihydroborate(1-)


Product Name: Sodium cyanoborohydride
CAS: 25895-60-7
MW: 62.84
EINECS: 247-317-2
Mol File: 25895-60-7.mol
Sodium cyanoborohydride Structure


Sodium cyanoborohydride Chemical Properties



Melting point

>242 °C (dec.) (lit.)

Boiling point



1.083 g/mL at 25 °C


−1 °F

storage temp.

Store below +30°C.


Soluble in water (100 mg/ml, with heating), methanol, ethanol, and THF. It is insoluble in nonpolar solvents such as benzene or hexane





Specific Gravity


Water Solubility

2120 g/L at 29 ºC (dec.)


Moisture Sensitive






Stable. Hygroscopic. Reacts violently with water, giving off and igniting hydrogen. Do not use water on fires involving this chemical - instead use dry soda ash. Incompatible with strong acids, water, strong oxidizing agents.


Sodium cyanoborohydride Usage And Synthesis


Uses: Sodium Cyanoborohydride is a commonly used as a reagent in the reductive amination of aldehydes and ketones and in the reductive alkylation of amines. It is also used in the synthesis of a novel phenolate-bridged dilanthanum(III) complex of interest as a model for metalloproteins as well as for its importance in basic and applied chemistry.

Description Sodium cyanoborohydride (NaBH3CN) is a selective reducing agent used for a variety of chemical reductions, including aldehyde, ketones, acetals, epoxides, oximes, enamines, reductive aminations of aldehydes and ketones, and reductive alkylations of amines and hydrazines. The utility of sodium cyanoborohydride as a reducing agent is greatly enhanced by its stability under acid conditions, and its solubility in aprotic solvents. Sodium cyanoborohydride is a milder and more selective reducing agent than sodium borohydride.
Sodium cyanoborohydride is a weaker and more-selective reducing agent than sodium borohydride because of the electron-withdrawing effect of the cyano group. It has the further advantage that it is stable in acid to pH = 3 and can be employed to effect reductions in the presence of functional groups that are sensitive to the more-basic conditions of reduction with sodium borohydride.
Aldehydes and ketones are unaffected by sodium cyanoborohydride in neutral solution, but they are readily reduced to the corresponding alcohol at pH=3-4 by way of the protonated carbonyl group. By previous exchange of the hydrogens of the borohydride for deuterium or tritium, by reaction with D2O or tritiated water, an efficient and economical route is available for deuteride or tritiide reduction of aldehydes and ketones.
Chemical Properties Sodium cyanoborohydride is a white or slightly yellow solid powder, It is a versatile reducing agent stable in aqueous solution at pH 7.2. It is a weaker reducing agent as compared to NaBH4. It effectively reduces Schiff bases. NaCNBH4 participates in the reductive methylation for the efficient and selective conversion of the e-amino groups of lysyl residues in proteins to the mono- and dimethyl derivatives.
Preparation Synthesis of Sodium cyanoborohydride(NaBH3CN): NaBH3CN was made by stirring equimolar BH3·THF (~1 M) with NaCN in THF in excellent yield.To a rapidly stirred slurry of sodium borohydride (80.2g, 2.09 mol) in THF (1000mL) in a 2-L flask is added a solution of hydrogen cyanide in THF (294g containing 58.8g of hydrogen cyanide) at 25°C. Evolution of hydrogen occurs slowly during the addition. Following the addition, the reaction mixture is stirred for 1 h at 25°C and then heated at reflux until hydrogen evolution has ceased. Filtration followed by vacuum removal of THF gives white solid sodium cyanoborohydride; yield 120g (91%).


25895-60-7 White API Raw Material Sodium Cyanoborohydride CH3BNNa 99% Purity 1


25895-60-7 White API Raw Material Sodium Cyanoborohydride CH3BNNa 99% Purity 2

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